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Vacuum Accessories
  • The rotary piston pump has the industry's most efficient and space-saving design, sets the standard for performance and reliability. Integrated oil distribution system eliminates the use of external piping, unique design, can run without leakage. Motor m
  • Suitable for pumping air and other gases general, when using gas ballast can also pump a small amount of palm condensable gases (water vapor).
  • Multi-axis magnetic bearing system for hanging from the rotor during operation to ensure that the risk of pollution, while the vibration, noise and maintenance requirements to a minimum, the molecular pump to be fully connected with a variety of advanced
  • This series of turbo molecular pump has the features of large pumping speed, high compression ratio, impact resistant, expands the application range of the molecular pump.
  • Improve the pumping speed, reduce the power consumption of the extreme pressure and noise, using the latest end sealing technology, significantly prolong the end seal replacement time interval.
  • Designed for high availability, widely used in various applications, long maintenance intervals, for a convenient, low running costs, the impact on the workplace and the environment minimal, simple installation and operation, suitable for integration into
  • Pumping speed is 30 L / s ~ 5000 L / s two series of 14 specifications RTO series of water-cooled and RTO / W Series air-cooled Roots pump overload.
  • Single-stage rotary vane vacuum pump is a simple design, compact size and structure of both the single-stage rotary vane vacuum oil products.
  • Unique, high ultimate vacuum can provide high throughput and low throughput, both by external testing agency inspection, compliance with UL and CSA standards.
  • Two-level structure, its performance from the high-pressure stage and low level of two parts, which is connected to the suction port of the vacuum container or vacuum devices when running a large number of gas within the container suction and discharge.