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Multi-arc Ion Vacuum Coating Machine
  • The metal decoration ion coating machine is a high efficiency and environmental friendly production machine, it has features of high deposition speed, great ionization rate, large ion energy, easy operation, low cost and large productive capacity, etc.
  • The glow discharge ion plating phenomenon, plasma and vacuum evaporation techniques combine the three, not only can significantly improve the quality of the film, but also expanded the scope of application of the film. The advantage is that the film adhes
  • After vacuum coating process, the ceramic tile will be more gloss, and the wear resistance index of the ceramic tile will be improve greatly. Ceramic tiles/ ceramic mosic vacuum coating machine can coat imitation gold, also can get rose gold, coffee, copp
  • It's widely used in decorative metals, furniture, lights, hardware, car parts and aircrafts etc. All the performance indicators of this machine have reached international advanced level, it was exported to Europe and the United States developed the inter
  • It's widely used in decorative metals, furniture, lights, hardware, auto parts and aircrafts etc.Can be plated with gold, silver, chrome,black, rose gold, coffee, rainbow, blue and other decorative film.
  • The ion plating layer of this machine has real metal texture. The machine can achieved full automatic control by the computer, automatic/manual can be switched at any time, this make machine reliable and steady.It can be plated with gold, silver, gun co
  • It installed with three sets of large power vacuum pumping systems, high pumping speed,short cycle time. The targets are installed reasonable, at the same time,it equipped with pulsed bias system, which make high adhesion coating,uniform color coating.
  • The high-end stainless steel sheet ion pvd coating machine is designed for stainless steel sheet to get a decorative coating by ion plating technique, the ion plating layer has a real metal texture, which is much different from chimical coating. It is wid
  • Color stainless steel pipe coating equipment, with properties of safety, environmental protection, process stability, various colors, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, good adhesion and not easy to fade.
  • The continuous ceramic coating production line is mainly used in coating tiles, ceramic plate, ceramic tiles, we cooperate with Spanish expert, develop this new technology, it can achieved bake, coating in one automatic continuous production line.