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Vacuum Chamber
  • Customized module and chamber are in accordance with customer demand for design and project planning, after the completion of the assembly and testing, it can be applied to work, it also providing customer specific operation, such as vacuum exhausting, su
  • Continuous (In-line) equipment, its chamber geometry mostly rectangular, in accordance with the substrate transmission range, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal. according to the visual process demand, the valve device can be a separate among
  • Batch type vacuum chamber in different dimensions, such as the requirements of cooling effect and design of double chamber, designed to enhance the capacity of double chamber and other objects, such as vacuum, film, process gas species and substrate mater
  • A lot of laboratory tests are needed at the early stage of the development of manufacturing processes, our HCVAC Vacuum customized chambers are assembly applied into a variety of experimental equipment, and providing appropriate tools for some advanced pr