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CVA technology

Advanced alumium vacuum coating for turbine industry

CVA coating system is designed for the protective diffusion coating process of high-temperature oxidation and hot corrosion, whicn differs from CVD technology. It is diffused on the alumium substrate, then forming intermetallic compound, like Ni-Al. This coating also can be compounded with other intensive elements, like Cr, Si, Hf and Zr. Most CVA technology applications are mainly formed into combination for the turbine and jet engine hot sections. This technique has been equipped with environmental moderation in spite of the common combination. In addtion, CVA technology is a minority method to deposit the coating into the inner surface of the wings.



 CVA coating system has reliable commercial applications. This system can be provided with advanced functions, safety operation for industrial field. Over the past several years, Huicheng Vacuum has been processed alumium coatings for the turbo generator parts, and provided CVA technique, equipment technical information as well as customized deposition process adjustment for our customers.

CVA Modular design to meet the specific needs of different customers. The following modules can be used in a new device, and also improved on the existing equipment.

     1. The secondary reaction tank to improve productivity

     2. Additional internal coating of gas flow line groove

     3. Silicon doping source

     4. High active aluminum internal generator

     5. Chromium chloride generator module

     6. Fixture for specific applications

     7. Exhaust neutralization module

     8. Gas purification apparatus

     9. Similarly Hf, Y, Zr metal chlorides HTC generator