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CVD technology

Advanced Chemical Vapor Deposition Coating System

 CVD coating system is one of the Huicheng Vacuum company's high-tech products, the low-pressure and high CVD coating system becomes the oriental technique for coating  industry, with the highest quality standard.


 This system has been widely recognized and confirmed, successfully applying into all worldside large and small-sized cutting tools manufacturers, coating companies and R&D fields,etc. It is designed according to the customers'requirement with convenient application, suitable productivity and reasonanle purchusing cost. And it can be attached with higher refreshable coating process, that providing widely advanced coating solutions for the cutting tools and moulds. The concept of modular machine can be led to upgrading and preservation.

 CVD coatings can be provided with a complate set project by taking in advanced control system, self-detected function and automatic processing control.When delivering these coating machines, it can be equipped with the advancede techniques and recipe, and this service also for hard alloy, steel as well as other suitable high-qualified substrate coatings.