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  • High vacuum evaporation coating machine,adopts the resistance heating in the vacuum chamber, to melt and vaporize the metal wire (aluminum wire) cling to the resistance wire.The vaporized metal molecule deposit on the substrates to gain the smooth as well
  • The metal decoration ion coating machine is a high efficiency and environmental friendly production machine, it has features of high deposition speed, great ionization rate, large ion energy, easy operation, low cost and large productive capacity, etc.
  • Mid-frequency magnetron sputtering technology has gradually become the mainstream of sputtering coating technology, it is better than that of DC magnetron sputtering deposition.
  • Hardware​ decorative coatings solutions provide high performance surface treatment for a variety of products of sanitary industry , coated products show the elegant, dazzling as well as other beautiful effects, and coatings do not fade.
  • Tools hard coating machine is designed for the tools, knives to coat super hard protective film. It can coat TiN、TiC、TiCN、TiAlN、TiAlCN、TiCrN、TiCrCN、TiAlCrN、multi-layer ultra-hard film etc.
  • This series equipments is used for the super hard film. It's suitable for the mold, tools, knives industries etc, to get were-resistant and anti-corrision film, to improve its service life.
  • Main function of this machine including high voltage ion bombard, coat aluminum film and hard SiOx protective film at one time inside the vacuum chamber. Hard SiO protective film imporves the capability of anti- nitriding and keeps the high reflective rat
  • The glow discharge ion plating phenomenon, plasma and vacuum evaporation techniques combine the three, not only can significantly improve the quality of the film, but also expanded the scope of application of the film. The advantage is that the film adhes
  • The device is applicable to arbitrary color plastic, ceramic, resin crafts, glass by vacuum coating after plating gold, silver, is colorful, red, purple, blue, grey, black and other colors, mainly used for scientific research, teaching, electronic compone
  • Huicheng vacuum coating equipment for metal mirrors and decorative coating solutions for the automotive suppliers, ensure high quality auto parts and the highest efficiency of production cost control.