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Guangdong Huicheng Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd - a professional vacuum coating equipment, vacuum plating equipment manufacturers. Company to " internal innovation
Foreign integrity" for the development of " technological innovation" to improve product performance and quality,  "quality of service" to win recognition and trust of customers, is
the first AS / AF vacuum coating equipment and vacuum AR coating equipment manufacturer, successfully open the European market, domestic customers are Foxconn, BYD
and other famous enterprises. Company is located in the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong factory of the world --- Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, adjacent to Guangzhou,
Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, talent pool and convenient transportation. Merged set of vacuum coating equipment vacuum technology research and development,
production, sales, passed the ISO9001 certification.

The company currently has 2 post-doctoral research and development team, Dr. 2, Master 5, professors domestic vacuum industry funded health experts 3, its R & D team led by an annual average of three patents, numerous technology innovations, vacuum coating technology has reached world advanced level, is merged into the development of a strong impetus for the revitalization of the domestic vacuum coating industry has made outstanding contributions. Guangdong Province in 2010 was named the "high-tech enterprises."
The company has production experience, including machining, fitters, sheet metal, welding, electrical, vacuum equipment installation and vacuum coating process, such as a full
range of professional technicians mechanics team to ensure that equipment to produce high quality, high efficiency, with a professional and efficient after-sales service teams, all

kinds of problems for you to solve the problem of vacuum coating equipment in the course of encounter.

The company now has headquarters in Dongguan production base in Jiangxi, headquartered in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Dongguan Da Ling Shan, covering nearly
30,000 square meters, the production base is located in Jiangxi Jishui County, an area of ​​55,000 square meters.

The company manufactured vacuum coating equipment series: AS / AF vacuum coating equipment, AR vacuum coating equipment, multi-arc ion vacuum coating equipment,
frequency magnetron vacuum coating equipment, vacuum evaporation coating equipment, tools, special coating equipment, continuous coating production lines, etc. vacuum
coating equipment. Vacuum plating equipment is widely used in various types of optics, electronics,  toys, building materials, hardware, watches, cars and other high-tech
industries, has been successfully developed for customers to meet the different requirements of the various programs of the coating process.

Company currently has more than 200 employees, including high, intermediate professional titles more than 50 people, the company also hired a domestic vacuum industry
experts, professors and senior engineers, R & D and design professional guidance and is responsible for the company's new products. Advanced design concepts, new
technology leading products ensure a high level of vacuum equipment. The company has production experience, including machining, fitters, sheet metal, welding, electrical,
vacuum equipment installation and complete vacuum coating technology and other professional technical team to ensure that equipment to produce high quality and high
efficiency. The company also has a professional service team, to solve various difficult problems encountered in the use of the device, eliminating the customer's worries.

Over the years, the company produces vacuum equipment and turnkey engineering process for the development of well-known coating manufacturers to provide a strong
technical support, has been highly praised by our customers. Especially in recent years, with advances in vacuum coating technology, the company focused on the development
of a continuous magnetic coating production line (SIO2, ITO, AZO, TCO, Low-E) and ion plating techniques, including unbalanced magnetron, frequency magnetron sputtering
shot, arc evaporation source, the ion assisted deposition source and a variety of combinations of technology features, combined with many years of accumulation of vacuum
applied technology, equipment design and process improvement, to develop a new generation of technology solutions and coating equipment, coating level has been great

progress. So far, the company has for the solar PV / photovoltaic, low-E glass, flat panel displays, semiconductors, lights, metal watches, tooling, plastics and other industries a
hundred high-end customers to develop solutions to meet the different processes and coating equipment, a new generation vacuum coating equipment has been stable
operation,  to reach the international leading level.

In the company of people-oriented, excellence, innovation and pragmatic, customer-oriented business philosophy, science and technology leadership, quality and first-class
service for the management approach. The company will continue to play a "loyal , friendly, innovative, progressive " spirit of enterprise, advantages, speed up development, the
company bigger and stronger for vacuum applications creating international advanced level and make new contributions.