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Physical Vapour Deposition coatings (PVD coatings) are mainly deposited by either arc evaporation or magnetron sputtering.

Dense, Smooth Coatings with HIPIMS
High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS) has given a third dimension to PVD coating technology. HIPIMS technology shows that it is possible to combine the advantages of high ionization like arc evaporation with the advantages of magnetron sputtering. The result is good adhesion and a dense, very smooth coating.

HIPIMS technology is extremely suitable for etching. Due to the high peak power of up to 8 MW, the atoms sputtered with HIPIMS will enter into the substrate to give a dense, columnar layer with a strong adhesive character. Coating with HIPIMS is also possible, but it has a deposition rate considerably lower than present sputter technologies.