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Vacuum coating equipment for ID card

Anti counterfeiting is the key of ID card. The new generation of ID card has more excellent anti-counterfeiting ability. The vacuum coating equipment that can plating a layer of antireflection film on the ID card surface has long been born in Huicheng Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. It is verified that this equipment has filled in the blank of similar domestic equipment in key technologies such as continuous deposition, and the performance of the whole machine has reached the international leading level.

This kind of vacuum coating equipment can not only be used for the coating of antireflection film on the substrate of ID card, but also be widely used in many industries such as printing products and packaging products, with a broad market demand.

The vacuum coating needs to rely on the vacuum environment, and the vacuum system is one of the most important parts of the vacuum coating equipment, which is indispensable for the vacuum coating equipment The commonly used high vacuum system structure is generally composed of the main pump and the front pump in series, plus valves, pipes and vacuum measuring instruments. According to the different choices of pumps, it can be divided into oil vacuum system and oil-free vacuum system.

Vacuum coating equipment is the leading product of Dongguan Huicheng Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. since the company developed the first vacuum equipment in the 1990s, thousands of vacuum coating equipment of different varieties, specifications and processes have been produced and developed so far, which have been applied in various industries. The company's products cover some countries in the world.

With the development of modern technology, the requirements for vacuum coating equipment are higher and higher, and the equipment needs more and more compatible coating materials. The equipment of the previous technology can not meet the use requirements. As a professional manufacturer of vacuum coating equipment, Huicheng vacuum has an unshirkable responsibility to develop and produce automatic, intelligent, energy-saving and efficient equipment.