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Description of optical control system of high precision automatic vacuum coating machine

Fully considering that the domestic coating machine is still designed and developed for the defects of crystal control operation, few coating layers, center wavelength positioning difference, no automatic optical control system, high voltage instability and so on, the high-precision full-automatic optical control system can continuously coating up to 100 layers, which greatly improves the qualification rate of coating products, especially suitable for the monitoring of various coating systems, including irregular coating Monitor the whole membrane.

This system consists of four chapters:

Chapter one: the function introduction of optical signal interface;

Chapter 2: introduction of membrane interface function;

Chapter three: operation steps of optical control system;

Chapter four: precautions and computer connection diagram.

Chapter 1: optical signal interface function

1. New open save save save as exit.

2. Edit - cut, copy, paste, delete.

3. View. Look at the 360 bill of materials - averaging to homogenize the light signal curve.

4. Help. System data description includes viewing system serial number.

5. Action. Transfer the membrane system to 360 - Acquisition optical signal.

6. Open. Open the profile dialog box.

7. Stop. Stop computer collecting optical signal of film thickness gauge. Do not use during coating.

8. Property. It is divided into optical signal, control system and other three parts.

9. Exit. Exit the control system and return to the desktop.

10. In the form. The vertical x table shows the reflection or transmittance in percentage. The time unit of the horizontal y table is s.

11. Below the table. The reflectance or transmissivity has a digital display.

12. The right side of the table shows the current layer data during the coating process.

Chapter 2: membrane input interface function

1. The functions of file, edit, view, help, action, open, stop, attribute and exit are the same as those in Chapter 1.

2. The blue part on the bottom of the membrane input interface needs to be input manually. The rest of the columns are automatically calculated and displayed by computer.

3. The first column of the form is the monitoring film. Material refractive index.

4. Vertical table bar on the left side of the table.

5. Material refractive index monitoring wavelength optical thickness monitoring bit rate precoating physical thickness coating time start direction theoretical minimum theoretical maximum start stop extreme number of points indicated in the second column.

6. The air refractive index in the last column of the film refers to the refractive index of the air.

7. The lowest layer of membrane input interface. Insert delete apply simulate.

Chapter 3: optical control operation steps

1. Before using the new vacuum coating machine, first make sure that the circuit of the optical control system is connected correctly, then turn on the computer host and the power of the display to enter the desktop and insert the dongle into the USB port of the computer.

2. Double click optical monitoring to log in to the operating system, click "membrane system" with the mouse to enter the membrane system interface, click "action" menu to select acquisition optical signal to collect optical signal and check whether the signal source meets the needs of the optical control system. On the contrary, it is necessary to adjust the optical path signal to meet the needs of the optical control system. The dry sound ratio cannot be greater than zero point three 。

3. Click "membrane system" to enter the new membrane system input interface or click "open" to open the optical control file data and select the required file data. Click "insert" to select the number of blank layers required by the process. Input the new membrane system data in the blue background. Click "application" and the computer will automatically calculate the parameter value of the white background of the blank. Open "file" and click "save" to save the data of new membrane system. Then click "analog" to get the theoretical analog optical signal waveform. If there is a problem with the input parameters of the membrane system data, click "apply" and the computer will display red at the bottom of the error data or exit the control system and return to the desktop. If red is displayed at the bottom of the data, it means that if there is any problem with the input process parameter data, the input process parameter must be carefully checked and corrected before use or the process membrane system data need to be input again.

4. When everything is ready, click "start coating" to enter the automatic control coating state.

5. Before the semi-automatic system starts coating, a small dialogue window will pop up to ask the wavelength required by the monochromator to be adjusted as soon as possible and click "OK" to start coating.

6. In the semi-automatic system, a small dialogue window will pop up in the vacuum coating, asking to change the position of the monitoring piece and manually adjust the position of the monitoring piece as soon as possible, and then click "OK" to automatically and continuously coating.

7. The semi-automatic system will repeatedly pop up a small dialogue window in the vacuum coating, and repeat the operation as described in 5 or 6 steps above.

Chapter IV precautions and computer connection diagram

1. The ratio of noise to dryness of the collected light signal should be less than zero point three The smaller the ratio of noise to noise, the better the stability of the optical control system.

2. The monitoring method of swa-i-05 type is over extreme value method, which requires each layer of film to pass at least one extreme point.

3. The ground resistance of the coater and the optical control system is required to be ≤ 4 Ω

4. The "red dot" in the optical signal waveform indicates the "inflection point" position.

5. It is forbidden to adjust the range of the film thickness meter in addition to the process requirements during the coating process of the coating machine.

6. Please read this manual carefully before connecting the line and using the optical control system. If the connection line is not correct, the main parts of the thickness gauge, computer, a / D card and other instruments will be damaged.