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Glass coating machine and its steam source

Glass coating machine is mainly used for the production of coated glass. The coated glass can realize the functions that ordinary glass did not have before. Its performance is better than the original glass, and the price may be more expensive. At present, there are several main production methods of coated glass: one is vacuum evaporation coating; the other is vacuum magnetron sputtering coating; the three is solution gel method; the four is powder thermal spraying method. Two.

Vacuum evaporation glass coating machine can be used for glass processing of many products, such as automobile glass, computer display screen, mobile phone screen and other glass modules. The principle is to use vacuum glass coating machine to produce coated glass. According to different evaporation sources, different materials can be plated.

Common evaporation sources of evaporation plating:

1、 The resistance heating evaporation source is simple, economic, stable and reliable, which is widely used. The heating of resistance in the vacuum chamber melts or vaporizes the coating material. Through a series of processes, the coating material molecules are deposited on the glass to obtain a high adhesion and smooth film. The evaporation source has the following characteristics: high melting point; stable chemical performance; low saturated vapor pressure, etc.

2、 The electron gun heating evaporation source has higher energy density than resistance heating, which can evaporate many materials that can not be evaporated by resistance heating, and can obtain higher evaporation rate, but its structure is more complex and its price is more expensive compared with resistance evaporation source.

The utility model relates to a special glass coating machine for crystal glass. The evaporation source adopts a cathode arc, is equipped with a bias power supply or uses an ion source, which can provide a higher carrying capacity and reduce the production cost, and can plating golden titanium nitride, wear-resistant film, seven color titanium oxide, super dura, metal decorative film, black titanium carbide, diamond film, etc.