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Mechanical Transmission Coater
  • The hard coating can reduce the sliding wear( caused by mixing friction ), scratch ( lubricating film rupture location overload or low peripheral speed position ), pitting (surface compressive strength too low position ), even in the most stick conditions
  • Bearing Transmission Vacuum Coating Machine applied to the sliding bearings and roller bearings. Hard coating can prevent the componant from scratch, abrasion, contact corrosion etc. Especially in the high or low temerature, aggressive media, vacuum clean
  • Industrial design to cope with the increasingly demanding engineering challenges. Including the growing need for durability, higher chemical and temperature loads and changes in the operating environment. In many cases, HC low friction and wear resistant
  • Hard coating can protect thehigh stress hydraulic components of the machine from abrasion, adhesion, corrosion, and deformation.In the case of high pressure, high flow rate and high speed,low flammable, based on the aqueous liquid medium (HFA, HFC), poor