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Maintenance and technical support team of Huicheng Vacuum through a variety of efforts to to reduce the downtime of equipment to a minimum every day, in order to reduce the losses caused by downtimeTo ensure timely delivery, in stock of thousands of new, quality assurance spare parts - for many older devices, there is still a selection of spare parts inventory, and ordering spare parts and maintenance spare parts directly from Huicheng Vacuum, is the advantages of Huicheng Vacuum.

+ All spare parts are in accordance with the latest technical requirements for manufacturing tolerances and drawings, precisely to ensure that each of spare parts " fit, form and function " requirement.

+ Huicheng Vacuum maintenance and technical support personnel, experienced and have the ability to be the first time every time to ensure that the identification, confirmation and order the correct spare parts.

To create a set of research and development, production, sales, service integration solutions provider of choice for vacuum equipment and better service to customers, Huicheng Vacuum extend the business chain, to undertake external vacuum repair services products.

An external service product range:

1. the production of vacuum and vacuum applications of vacuum products;

2. other domestic production of vacuum applications;

3. the import of vacuum products and vacuum applications.

Second, the external service product categories:

1. the film preparation equipment: Sputtering class PVD, evaporation PVD film class preparation equipment;

2. vacuum metallurgy equipment;

3. major scientific projects supporting equipment;

4. LED, photovoltaic and other industrial products and equipment;

5. various power products;

6. vacuum components;

7. providing a variety of vacuum accessories;

8. to provide older equipment repair, upgrade and renovation;

9. providing technical guidance and technical equipment operator training.

Huicheng Vacuum has a high-quality professional service team, has the most advanced professional machines and equipment, vacuum cleaning line, special surface treatment process, vacuum equipment to detect various types of high-precision equipment.

Adhering to the " market-oriented , technological innovation, people-oriented, bigger and stronger," the concept of culture, and actively seize opportunities for development, progress in the sound, innovation and enterprising, and beyond in innovation, to provide users with professional, timely and thoughtful products maintenance services, full vacuum shaping Chinese new corporate image, sincerely welcome new and old customers to discuss cooperation!

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