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Equipment Maintenance

The maintenance of vacuum coating equipment , electroplating equipment requirements is difficult to be achieved , regular, planned maintenance work is to ensure that your device has been in one of the most simple and easiest step to work under optimum conditions , and in its design period , keep working, through an implemented regular maintenance contract which was made for your device, either through the most limited efforts, with the most convenient way for our users to do the monitoring and maintenance of equipment .

Regular maintenance equipment brings benefits to users :
+ Regular testing, few repairs ( higher costs before they occur , prompt recognition and wear conditions , and to be addressed. )
+ Downtime to a minimum .
+ To control your annual budget.
+ Can avoid additional personnel costs ( equipment used in the detection and repair ) .
+ Equipment life longer.

Typically include preventive maintenance contact :
+ One ( 1 ) year test.
+ Labor inspection , maintenance staff travel costs, as well as a secondary part .
+ According to Huicheng Vacuum test items table , check accuracy.
+ Function tests major components.
+ Checking geometric precision , making compensating adjustments to accept a given report .
+ In the detection process , do some minor repairs.
+ Data backup control section to the archive .
+ For wear parts identified in the testing process , come up with a quote .
+ A confirmation of the inspection and maintenance program to be executed , a stamp with Huicheng Vacuum approval .