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Mould PVD Coating Machine
  • Mold ultra-dura pvd ion plating machine is designed for the tools, knives, moulds to coat super hard protective film. It can coat TiN、TiC、TiCN、TiAlN、TiAlCN、TiCrN、TiCrCN、TiAlCrN、multi-layer ultra-hard film etc.
  • After coated with the hard coating film, the toolds maintain their performance longer and produce workieces of consistently high quality, high production reliability and better surface quality.
  • High intensive material forming In the forming of high strength metal of cold forming die vacuum coating machine, high forming pressure and friction are the important challenges to the die and coating. The toughness, wear resistance and wear resistance o
  • High intensive material with thermal stamping Thermofoming mould vacuum coaitng machine for high-intension steel alloy(thermal-stamping and forming), becomes a fast-trendnecy in metallic field. Tools used in these areas are mainly abrasive wear and adhes
  • Used in plastic injection molding, vacuum coating machine injection molding process tool must withstand with wearing and tearing by glass filled polymer or other composite materials, and forming friction from ejecting activities, corrosion effect produced
  • This equipment can ensure the good mirror effect of the mold and increase the service life to half a year, even 1 year, reduce production cost.
  • Mold Hard Coating Equipment can increase the comperitiveness of the products, significantly longer service lives, shorter cycle times and better operational performance, to increase productivity and redece unit costs.
  • Compared with the traditional heat treatment technology, the laser hardening process has many advantages, from an economic point of view, it improves working efficiency, productivity and product quality. In many applications, partial processing as well as
  • It can prevent the core, mold liner and mold cavity from abrasion and corrosion.With longer life, less machine downtime, lower tool cost and lowest clean and maintenance cost to reduce the manufacturing cost, improve the surface quality and processing sta