The Ceramic tile vacuum coating machine is an efficient and pollution-free ion plating equipment with the advantages of fast deposition speed, high ionization rate, large ion energy, simple equipment operation, low cost and large production capacity.


1.Brief intorduction:

Our Ceramic Tiles Vacuum Coating Machine can coat ceramic tiles,ceramic cups, plates, tableware,porcelain tiles,ceramic mosaic, floor tiles,glass tiles. Besides ceramic,you can also coat metal,glass products. 


Ceramic Tiles Vacuum Coating Machine is used to deposit TiN(gold color) ,Ti (silver color) and other coating on ceramic products. Thus it can replace the traditional paint gold, enhence the adhension, saves cost and improve production efficiency.


2.Detailed description: 

Ceramic Tiles Vacuum Coating Machine is an ion coating machine of efficiency, harmless and pollution-free. It has the features of fast deposition rate , great ionization rate, big ion energy,easy operation, low cost, large productive capacity, etc.


The principle of vacuum electric arc ion coating is intergrating cold cathode, arc discharge Self-sustained light, ionization plating material with pulse technique to improve depostion particle energy and survival rate and the properties of the film. It can coat on the surface of the metal as well as nonmetal.

3. Applied Industry 

Ceramic Tiles Vacuum Coating Machine can be used to coat metal film, titanium nitride titanium carbide, and zirconium nitride, chromium nitride and titanium, nickel,chromium, copper and other compounds film, multi-layer super-hard film,nitrogen-doped titanium film and the alloy film, titanium nitride mixed with gold-plated titanium nitride film.

The daily-use ceramic vacuum coating machine is mainly used for plasma coating of ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles, daily-use ceramic products (such as cookware, stationery), and craft ceramics (such as vases, figures, and ornamental ornaments).

This series of equipment is mainly configured as a cathode arc evaporation source, and also has a bias voltage power supply, and also has a magnetron sputtering target. Features: With powerful pumping system, fast pumping, large load capacity, high production capacity and low production cost. It can produce imitation gold, rose gold, silver white, black and other film layers; using decals and coating water-soluble paint blocking technology can get a variety of colorful patterns.