Evaporation and vertical decoration magnetron sputtering vacuum coating machine, mainly used in plastics, ceramics, glass, metal surface of the decorative metal plating film. Since the coating chamber is a vertical container, so it has all the advantages of horizontal vacuum coating equipment, but also conducive to weight large, fragile plating chucking, more can be easily automated production lines, is an alternative to traditional wet water plating, generating a good ideal for vacuum coating equipment. The machine can not do some of the products plated base oil.

The main features of the machine is equipped with an improved high-vacuum exhaust system, pumping speed, high efficiency, energy-saving, noise reduction and extended pump life; simple evaporation, magnetron sputtering, automatic control, operation, reliable work; evaporation technique applied to new electrode plating device, small contact resistance and reliable; extensive application magnetron sputtering coating materials, various non-magnetic metal, alloy plated material can be made; compact, small footprint; magnetron, evaporation shared two vertical workpiece car, easy to operate and efficient.

New products surface of plastic, metal, glass and other treatment processes, magnetron, multi-use vacuum evaporation coating machine, equipped with an improved high-vacuum pumping systems and automatic control systems, pumping speed, high efficiency, simple operation, reliable work; with wide coating line, film uniformity, good adhesion, and other characteristics of the substrate temperature at the end; the plating of metals, alloys and compounds ideal film vacuum coating equipment; transparent film for plating, translucent membrane, the dural mater, a shielding film and some of the special features of the film. It has been widely applied in optics, electronics, telecommunications, aviation and other fields.