In our daily life, the watches, bracelets, and accessories on clothing are plated with a variety of films with different colors, so how can we to do that? As well konwn that the coating layer on the object is completed by a vacuum coating machine. When decorating decorations, it is naturally a decorative vacuum coating machine. So which colors can the decorative vacuum coating machine specifically plate? Let ’s introduce it to you in detail:

First introduce the features and advantages of pvd technology:
PVD technology is a surface treatment process that uses titanium, gold, graphite, crystal and other metal or non-metal, gas and other materials to form a thin film on the substrate in a vacuum by sputtering, evaporation or ion plating. Compared with the traditional chemical coating method, PVD has many advantages: such as no pollution to the environment, is a  environment friendly process; no harm to the operator; the film layer is firm, dense, strong corrosion resistance, uniform film thickness.

The methods often used in PVD technology are: evaporation coating (including arc evaporation, electron gun evaporation, resistance wire evaporation, etc.), sputtering coating (including DC magnetron sputtering, intermediate frequency magnetron sputtering, radio frequency sputtering, etc.) These methods are collectively referred to as Physical Vapor Deposition, or PVD for short. The IP (ion plating) ion plating commonly referred to in the industry is because in the PVD technology, various gas ions and metal ions participate in the film formation process and play an important role. In order to emphasize the role of ions, they are collectively referred to as ion plating.

Which colors can the common PVD decorative vacuum coating machine coating?
1. IP rose gold (rose gold) is an alloy of gold and copper. Because of its very fashionable and beautiful rose red color, it is widely used in jewelry design and processing. Also known as pink gold and red gold. Since this metal was popular in Russia in the early 19th century, it is also called Russian gold, but the term is now rarely used.

2. IP gold uses ion plating to deposit gold on the target onto the workpiece to be plated. Generally, there are two layers of imitation gold layer and surface gold layer. The color of the surface gold layer is the same as that of 24K gold, and the film can be plated in different thickinesses according to customer's requirements.

3. Imitation gold series (including imitation gold and imitation rose gold), does not contain gold, the general composition is composed of ceramic compounds such as TiN TiCN ZrN ZrCN, the color is close to IP rose gold and IP gold, but it is difficult to achieve the brightness of real gold .

4. The silver series is generally a compound of chromium. The color depth can be adjusted. It can be divided into cold series and warm series. The cold series has a blue tone. The metallic light feeling is good. The warm series has a yellow tone are very like the stainless steel's color itself.

5. Gray series, the general composition is titanium compound or chromium compound, the color depth can be adjusted, and the hue can also be adjusted according to customers requirements.

6. Black series, generally composed of metal carbides, the color depth can be adjusted, the color tone can also be adjusted according to customers requirements, different metal carbides have different characteristics and hue, you can choose different film systems with your requirements .

7. Blue series, including sky blue, ice blue, ocean blue, dark blue, etc. The composition of different color systems is also different.The color systems listed above can be achieved with decorative vacuum coating machines. There are other colors that are also achievable, so I won't list them one by one.