HCVAC Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd. offers an array of metal coatings, also known as metallizing for improved protection. In a process known as physical vapor deposition (PVD), a layer of metallic film is applied to a substrate in a vacuum chamber at a low temperature.

PVD is a preferred technology because it doesn’t require a conductive substrate — the metal film can be applied to plastic, metal, or glass. Our vacuum metallizing process is available in several colors, making it ideal for a number of applications, including automotive, lighting, glassware,and more.

HCVAC Vacuum Technology also offers coatings for EMI electronic protection. This EMI shielding film special coating equipment is most commonly used in electronic devices in the automotive and health care industries, mobile devices, and for military hardware and avionics.

Our coating systems are capable of applying any alloy or metal (including aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and nickel) in a single or multiple layers, meeting the requirements of even the most demanding shielding project.

The film layer will emulate the surface of the textured substrate. If you are looking for a brushed stainless steel finish, that is lighter in weight, easier to clean, offers design flexibility, and is economical. And quality is something that is taken very seriously at our company.

All orders we receive are inspected upon receipt, tested at various times throughout the coating process, and inspected again prior to shipping. The most common metallizing tests we perform include adhesion, coating reflectivity, and electrical resistivity.

Contact us to take advantage of our exceptional metallizing services. Our company will continue to play a“ loyal, friendly, innovative, progressive” spirit of enterprise, strong its advantages, speed up its development, and make new contributions to advancing the world standard of vacuum application equipment.