Specialized machinery has an advantage in competition, and no vacuum technology is not realistic. Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and people are increasingly enjoying the enormous benefits of science and technology. The advent of vacuum emulsifiers has made people understand that the huge potential of science and technology can still be explored. The introduction of advanced technology has led to a rise in sales of vacuum emulsifiers, which has been welcomed.

The strength of the shearing effect of the vacuum emulsifier directly affects the final fineness. Through analysis, it is mainly related to the sharp level of the blade, the hardness, the stator gap, the relative movement speed of the two cutting edges and the particle size of the cut. Under the condition of the blade, the sharpness of the blade, the hardness, the stator gap and the diameter of the promised passage have been fixed or not changed. The relative movement speed of the edge of the vacuum emulsifier is the most influential factor, which is shown as the circumferential speed of the rotor. When the line speed is high, the density of cutting or impacting on the radially moving fluid is high, so the refining effect of the emulsifier is strong, and vice versa.

However, the linear speed of the vacuum emulsifier is not as large as possible. When it reaches a very high value, there is a tendency to obstruct the movement, so the fluid becomes very small, and the fever is high, and some materials are in turn aggregated, so that the consequences are not Delusion. From another point of view, the characteristics of the experiment in the implementation room are small. Therefore, if the physical size of the tempering machine's rotating stator is to conform to a small number, the diameter must be small. In order to compensate for the negative impact of the small diameter on the line speed, it must be To improve the angular velocity of the rotor, the "high speed" of the instrument is formed. It can be seen from the above that the rotation speed of the emulsifier is to be considered in combination with the actual disposal amount, but it is in the current processing level and production economy.

Vacuum emulsifier needs to get rid of low productivity and increase speed, thus creating higher production efficiency; equipment configuration should be gradually improved, cleaning system, overload system, especially the selection system of detection system is small, and the current situation of excessive volume needs further improvement. The processing of the filling valve should be further improved; the safety system of the equipment itself is expected to be more perfect. Once the equipment is stopped, it is hoped that the motor can be protected by some details.

In the early stage of technology application, the economic benefits brought by technological achievements are certainly not enough to support the overall long-term technology upgrade cost. Vacuum emulsifier companies must be more patient, and grit their teeth through the painful period of the industry's emerging time. When it becomes a model industry of the industry and enterprises, it is enough to drive the overall technology upgrade of the enterprise to achieve more efficient, safe and sustainable development of the enterprise.