Glass vacuum coating machine can coat lens, mobile phone screen, photovoltaic, solar glass, etc. When buying this device, the merchants will also consider many other aspects.For example, cost, which models can be plated, andwhich colors can be plated. Because it is necessary to ensure that the use of the glass vacuum coating machine cannot be too limited, the use has to be maximized. Then Today, the editor of Huicheng Vacuum introduced in detail about the colors and advantages of the glass vacuum coating machine. It is also convenient for later businesses to purchase coating machines.To be able to choose the appropriate machine for yourself.  Glass vacuum coating, alsoknown as reflective glass, is a coating of one or more layers of metal, alloy or metal compound film on the glass surface.


glass vacuum coating machine


         Glass materials that meet various requirements. Vacuum-coated glass can be divided into heat-reflecting glass, low-emissivity glass and conductive film glass according to the performance of the product. I. what the colors can the glass vacuum coating machine plate and it's advantages? Colors include: emerald green, French green, sapphire blue, Ford blue, blue gray, dark gray, brown, etc., all of them can be plated on glass. advantage:

        (1) Good thermal insulation performance can effectively control solar radiation and block far-infrared radiation, which can save air conditioning costs in summer and heating costs in winter.

        (2) It has high visible light transmittance and low reflectance, low emissivity, and avoid light pollution.

        (3) Effectively block ultraviolet transmission and prevent furniture and fabric from fading.

        (4) Wide spectrum selection and rich colors. II. When the glass vacuum coating machine is used to coating glass, the plated crystals are plated on the outside of the glass. 

 So what are the benefits of glass coating  on the front of the glass vacuum coating machine?

        (1) After the car glass is plated, the rain drop will quickly slide away when it drop on the glass, maintaining a clear field of vision under wind pressure to ensure safe driving in the rain!A special water ski protection film is formed on the surface of the glass to increase water repellency. When the vehicle's speed increases, the raindrops dripping on the windshield will naturally fall off and scatter, and it is not easy to adhere to the glass.  Maintain the clarity of sight, effectively reduce the use of  wipers, and effectively avoid blurred vision caused by the failure of wipers, reduce traffic accidents during rainy days, and effectively improve the driving safety of rainy days.

        (2) It can effectively prevent acid rain, oil pollution, insects and harmful substances from invading the glass, and it can prevent the oil film on the glass surface caused by automobile exhaust, exhaust gas and so on. The cleanness of the glass. It does not contain corrosive chemical components, which protects the wiper from damage and prolongs its service life.

        (3) After plating, it can prevent the oil film, snow, frost and dirt from adhering to the glass. The oxidation resistance of the glass is increased by three to five times and the service life of the glass is improved.The combination of the solar film enables the car to reduce the sun's ultraviolet radiation and heat.