The magnetron sputtering technology is widely used in the market. Most of the film coatings on objects in various industries use magnetron sputtering technology.It is also very popular . Magnetron sputtering is a type of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) technology. A magnetic field is introduced on the surface, and the confinement of charged particles by the magnetic field is used to increase the plasma density to increase the sputtering rate. Although magnetron sputtering technology is very popular, when it is operated,Many problems will also be encountered. What are the common faults of the magnetron sputtering vacuum coating machine in daily operation? Let me list them below:


magnetron sputtering vacuum coating machine


I. can not to shine

      (1) DC power supply failure, check the DC power supply;
      (2) The argon intake is small. Check the argon flow meter or increase the argon intake;

      (3) The vacuum chamber is not clean enough. Clean the vacuum chamber;

      (4) The insulation of the target is insufficient. Check whether the target is short-circuited to ground. In the case of in water , the resistance to ground should be above 50kΩ;

      (5) The magnetic field strength is not enough, check whether the permanent magnet is demagnetized;
      (6) The vacuum is too poor, check the vacuum system.

II. Glow instability

      (1) The voltage and current are unstable, check the power supply;
     (2) the pressure of the vacuum chamber is unstable, check the argon gas intake and the vacuum system;

     (3) The cable is faulty. Check whether the cable is well connected.

III. Poor film formation quality

     (1) the substrate surface is not very clean; clean the substrate surface;
     (2)  the vacuum chamber is not clean enough; clean the vacuum chamber;
     (3) If the substrate temperature is too high or too low, check the temperature control system and calibrate the thermocouple;

     (4) Excessive pressure in the vacuum chamber, check the vacuum system;

     (5) Improper sputtering power setting, check the DC power supply, and set the set power for what.

IV. the low sputtering rate

     (1) The amount of argon gas is too large or too small. Observing the color of the glow can determine whether the amount of argon is too large or too small. Adjust the amount of argon gas accordingly;

     (2) The target is too hot, check the cooling water flow;

     (3) Check whether the permanent magnet is demagnetized.