Super Hard AR with AF Sputtering Coater

Specifically designed for the production of few layer but large-capacity, high-efficiency optical film products. This series coating machine is suitable for glass and plastic optical lenses, eyeglasses AF, AS film coating production, also for the phone window (glass or plastic ), color optical film coating of the plastic sheets.

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Using magnetron sputtering and evaporation process, in view of the digital photoelectric industry and other optical lens processing industry to launch a new type of vacuum coating equipment, suitable for mobile phone, tablet, vehicle such as a digital touch screen window cover, lens window lens, etc., is also applicable to other digital products, electrical appliances, sanitary ware, such as plastic and metal pieces of decorative and functional thin film and add AF, AS coating, plating improve smoothness, easy to clean.

►   Reactive Magnetron Sputtering with RF I-beam Assistant
►   One-stop Mode for Multi-coating,“AR with AF Top Coating”and Hardness of 9H higher Layers process.
►   Wide selection of Materials, complete Film Types
►   Excellent Film Accuracy, Hardness, Abrasion-resistance and Adhesion.
►   Natural Non Residual Stress characteristics.
►   Superior Processing Stability, Uniformity and Repeatability.
►   Friendly interface and "Fool" Level of  maneuverability.
►   Super High Yield and Low Energy Consumption.

“AR of 9H Hardness” Means:
►   The AR Coating on outer surface of screen and Camera will remain in the phone's entire life cycle to ensure clear screen vision and shooting effect.
►   Fingerprint Identification Chip can be installed in any position of the inside of the screen.

Main Products:
►   AR, Filter, HR, Color, Colorful and other Decorative Coating.
►   AF/AS, Protective Hard-coating and other Functional Coating.
►   Special Coating on Alloy, Plastic, Zirconia Ceramic, etc.

Mode HCAR-1212 HCAR-1818
Size Φ1200x H1200mm Φ1800x H1800mm
Structure Vertical single door, All-In- One Box layout
Jig Unit Center Ratation Revolution Jig at the bottom
Vacuum Unit Oerlicon Leybold Mechanical Pumps + Cryocondensation Pumps + Maglev Turbo Pumps
Vacuum Controller Vacuum Controller with Gauges of Penning & Pirani
Source Unit MF Magnetron Sputtering Souce with Rotating cathode twin cylinder targets + RF I-Beam + Thermal Source
Charge Unit MFC with Valves
Thickness Controller Crystal Film Thickness Controller
Controller Industrial PC + TP
Remark: we can design and configure machines according to your special requirements.
Suitable for glass and plastic optical lenses, eyeglasses AF, AS film coating production, also for the phone window (glass or plastic ), color optical film coating of the plastic sheets.
AS antifouling film Anti-fingerprint AF film sample AR+AF film AR film Anti-fingerprint AF film