PVD stainless steel color plate cating machine:

The series of equipment is designed for stainless steel sheet and pipe, stainless steel parts to get a decorative coating by ion plating technique, the ion plating layer has a real metal texture, which is much different from chemical coating.


The chamber diameter of this series is 1800-2300mm, and height is 3600-4400mm, it can coat three sheets that size is 1220x4000mm;


With three sets of large power vacuum pumping systems, high pumping speed, short cycle time; With 34-56 pieces of round arc targets, they are installed reasonable, at the same time, equipment is equipped with pulsed bias system, which make the adhesion of coating strong, color of coating uniform.


Touch screen + PLC control achieved full automatic of equipment, manual and auto can be switched any time, which make machine reliable and easy operation.

The colors of this equipment can do are gold, silver, brown, black, rose gold, coffee, rainbow and blue ect decorative coatings.

And it’s widely used in metals, furniture, lights, hardware, car parts and aircraft industry ect, all performances of equipment have reached international advanced level and have exported to European and American countries.

PVD stainless steel color including:

Hailine efffect: hair plates, copper-colored hair, hair brassy, golden hair, smoke gray hair, brown hair color, hair anti-fingerprint, anti-fingerprint hair black hair tanned anti-fingerprint, anti-fingerprint hair etching

Forging grain effect: recklessly pattern, random hair rose gold, silver and white hair mess

Mirror effect: copper-colored mirror, mirror brassy, mirror rose gold, gold mirror, black mirror, bronze mirror, mirror purple, blue mirror, mirror red wine, champagne gold mirror, 8K mirror panels, etched mirror, mirror etched copper color, mirror etched brass, rose gold etched mirror, mirror etched gold, etc.

Sandblasting effect: red sand plate, red black sand, etc.

And pattern effect: pattern boards, and grain copper color, etc.

Three-dimensional effect: a three-dimensional board, 3D gold etc