AR film

Representative of daily life optical films - anti-reflection!


1, to reduce the lens surface reflection of light to increase the anti-reflection film having a transmittance of light.

2, constituting the lens more, must be low reflective.

3, in addition to the multilayer film, a monolayer film also MgF2 laser head and an optical film using a layer of a specific wavelength.

4, the plastic coating can be a low temperature product.

AR film reflectance

UV / IR cut filter

Used to remove unwanted ultraviolet and infrared!


1, to prevent stray light caused by failures caused by aging and ultraviolet.

2, for the removal of CMOS / near-infrared CCD sensor, moire

3, to prevent errors caused by stray light degradation caused by UV and

4, low particle, high transmittance, haze reduction is very important.

UV/IR transmittance

Antifouling film

Enhance the wear resistance and the touch screen antifouling!


1, reducing the adhesion of fingerprints.

2, surface dirt can be simply wiped off.

3, reducing the surface wounds.

Anti-fouling pure water angle

Motor metal film


1, as an electrode, the SAW filter is often used to

2, needs to have low resistance values​​, the half angle of the narrow, smooth surface film.

3, a high crystallinity and high orientation

4, take a very good release properties


Hard AR film

Both have anti-reflection film both high visibility and hardness of


1, will be used with the required wear resistance of the antireflection film portion

2, we need to simultaneously achieve high-dimensional, high-visibility and hardness

3, is formed on a glass substrate, a sapphire glass to prevent the occurrence of scratches


AR膜 hardness contrast

Enhanced reflective film

Films for improving luminance


1, as used in order to improve the luminous efficiency of the LED.

2, can also be used in high efficiency ODR (*) / DBR (**) on

      * ODR = Optical Double Refrection

      ** DBR = Distributed Bragg Refrector

Enhanced reflection coating
Hard film

Hard and durable quality film


1, the functional film, which greatly improved the durability of the substrate, the abrasion resistance

2, in a variety of glass substrates, a metal substrate, a resin substrate or the like used to

3, for the DLC, Tin, CrN and uses different substrates with various kinds

Various types of hard coatings

Decorative film

Appearance of the film


1, a substrate used in a variety of colors to a variety of decorative films

2, with a sense of luxury, showing a subtle change in the level of decoration

3, a substrate for various resins, glass

Different color of decorative films

ITO film

Transparent electrode high transmittance, low resistance value


1, is used as the transparent electrode film on the liquid crystal touch panel

2, we use the product needs to have an anti-static function

3, at the same time strive to achieve a high light transmittance and low resistance

4, in recent years, the film formation at low temperatures has become an important item

ITO film transmittance

Dichroic mirror

For the analysis and synthesis of colors!


1, for more than two colors light the purpose of separation or synthetic.

2, the three primary colors for the display of such an isolated, synthetic.

3, for preventing the noise of the sensor.


Bandpass filter

Need only let light pass through!


1, light is selectively removed in a certain frequency band.

2, is frequently used for the LD, LED sensor, etc..

3 for separating the signal light and the noise measures, synthesis.

4, sometimes reducing the number of layers, for decorative purposes coloring or lighting


Laser mirrors

High performance mirror changes the direction of light!


1 is a reflectance of up to nearly 100% reflective mirror for LD.

2, the main purpose of the laser head category. In addition to being used for the LD, LED devices.

3, is sometimes used in measuring instruments, used to scan the laser.

4, in the case of high-power laser, we must pay attention to pollution damage film.


Polarizing element

Polarization separation (PBS)!


1, is the separation S wave, P wave polarization filters, with a prism-and plate-type.

2, is frequently used for DVD, LD laser head.

3, there are also the same as the reflectance of the polarization component beam splitter unbiased.

4, there are divided into transmitted light and reflected light permeable half mirror (semi-transmissive mirror).


RGB filter

Red, green, and blue dichroic filters


1, as the light of three primary colors red, green and blue, which is used to distribute the image forming apparatus in the individual

2, the transmitted light color selection is possible according to

3, with the high pixel image pickup device requires the development of a high-quality appearance


RGB filter transmittance


Using light to decompose the organic thin film


1, is used for automotive mirrors and other places

2, the use of film that is deposited without heating anatase TiO2 film becomes possible.

3, are required to have good hydrophilicity, oil decomposable

Contract angle