Hardware​ decorative coatings solutions

Hardware​ decorative coatings solutions provide high performance surface treatment for a variety of products of sanitary industry , coated products show the elegant, dazzling as well as other beautiful effects, and coatings do not fade.

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Hardware​ decorative coatings solutions provide high performance surface treatment for a variety of products of sanitary industry. It is a high efficiency, harmless and pollution-free equipment. It has features of fast deposition rate, great ionization rate, large ion energy, easy operation,low cost and large productive capacity etc. Coated products show the elegant, dazzling as well as other beautiful effects, and coatings do not fade.


Hardware​ decorative• Harmless material
Conventional surface coating is often accompanied by environmental damage and personal injury, PVD technology and performance coatings can be applied to all kinds of areas in direct contact with the human body.

• Appearance Protection
The thickness of the hard coat micron can effectively protect the appearance of high-end consumer products, people can use a more durable surface, such as new products.

• Choose a variety of colors
Various combinations of the coating process can create a variety of colors, excellent performance under the conditions , the product has more color choices, available colors include:
    ¤ TiN ( imitation gold )
    ¤ ZrHfN, TiZrN ( imitation gold )
    ¤ TiC, TiNC ( light gray, gun black )
    ¤ TiNC, TiAlN ( Rose gold, brown )
    ¤ TiO, TiAlN ( jewel blue, rainbow colors )
    ¤ ZrN ( brass color, zirconium gold )
    ¤ ZrO ( imitation stainless steel color )
    ¤ Ni, Cr, AL, Au, Ag ( gold, silver, nickel, chromium, aluminum and other metal film monochrome )

• Rich matrix material selection
Low deposition coating process can be implemented ( stainless steel / copper / zinc alloy / titanium / iron etc. ) in a variety of materials to achieve weight reduction while the workpiece may have good mechanical properties.


coating process

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Machine mode HCCA-1000 HCCA-1150 HCCA-1200 HCCA-1400 HCCA-1600
Chamber size 1000×1200 1150×1200 1200×1300 1400×1300 1600×1300
Coating type TiN gold、TiC black、TiO rainbow、Wear-resistant film, super dura film, diamond film, metal decorative film
Power source DC power supply, frequency power supply, arc power supply, filament power, activate power, pulsed bias power
Multi-arc target Multi-arc target 5 or 18,1 or 2 Arc column target
Twin target MF twin column target or plane target(1-4 pairs)
Chamber structure Vertical front door structure (double sink water jacket or cooling), rear exhaust system
Vacuum system Mechanical pump+Roots pump+Diffusion pump/molecular pump+Holding pump
Heating system  Normal temperature up to 350 degrees Adjustable (PID temperature control), stainless steel heating tube
Inflation system Mass flow controller (1-4 road)
ultimate vacuum 6×10-4pa(non-loading、clean room)
Pumping time No-load pumping from atmosphere to 5.0*10-3pa ,≦13 minutes
Pressuremaintaining rate 1h≤0.6pa
Workpiece rotation mode Up rotation or down rotation+public-self rotation Frequency controlled adjustable ,0-20 rev / min
Control mode Manual/Automatic all-in-one mode, Touching screen+PLC
Remark We can design the dimension of the vacuum chamber according to customer’s demand.
Widely used in:
● Bathroom
● Tableware
● Stainless steel
● Watch
● Jewelry
● Lock
● Mobile telephone shell
● Golf
● Artware
Bathroom accessories Golf head Doorknob Tableware