MF power supply

MF power supply, this device can ensure our professinal products with large coating area and high sputtering rate. Comparing with DC power supply in series, it has higher stability; and relating to the high frequency power supply, solutions are more economic. It can be a good choice for high deposition rate of large area magnetron sputtering process. In the field of dual magnetron applications, MF power supply is the core component of architectural for glass equipment and metal coating equipment.

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TruPlasma MF 3000 power supply—The highest level of plasma excitation

• Particularly compact structure
• Suitable for medium and small power supply
• Power ranges from 10 kW to 40 kW
• Been recognized by dual magnetron sputtering process market

• Fast arc management system, sine wave output waveform
• Wide range of output power
• Leading power technology

Customer benifit:
• Can achieve high-speed deposition rate
• Meet different process applications
• High reliability

TruPlasma MF 7000 power supplyThe highest level of plasma excitation

• Superior performance
• Broad power and frequency range
• Fast arc management system
• Modular design

• Broad power and frequency range
• Advanced arc management technology, extremely low arc residual energy
• Fast arc management reaction
• Flexible design structure
• High output current
• Leading power technology 

Customer benefit:
• Adjustable to various processes and applications
• Thin film deposition, and film uniformity 
• High deposition speed in extremely technical conditions.
• Convenient system integration
• Wide range of power regulation
• High reliability

Product Power supply Frequency Output Cooling method Power
[kW] [kHz] Voltage [V]
    [Usable Voltage]  
TruPlasma MF 3010 10 20 - 100 900 - 4200* Water cooling (±10%) 200; 400
TruPlasma MF 3020 20 20 - 100 900 - 4200* Water cooling (±10%) 200; 400
TruPlasma MF 3030 30 20 - 100 900 -4200* Water cooling (±10%) 200; 400
TruPlasma MF 3040 40 20 - 100 900 - 4200* Water cooling (±10%) 200; 400
MF TruPlasma 3000 MF power supply series is a modular design of medium and small power MF power supply, used in the field of plasma excitation. Operating frequency from 20 kHz ~100 kHz, output power of 10KW~40 kW. The power series has been widely recognized by dual magnetron sputtering process.
MF TruPlasma 7000 intermediate frequency power series power 25KW~100KW, frequency range of 20kHz~70kHz, of which the power supply of high-power 100kW~200kW, the output frequency from 20kHz~50Hz. Due to the wide range of power and frequency coverage, it can be widely used in various plasma excitation applications. Fast arc management system to ensure that the process is stable, can not be delayed to identify the arc. So it is economical and reliable to deposit a thin film.
The series power supply is suitable for the coating process of building glass and metal, and can achieve excellent coating results in the process of reactive sputtering(using planar and rotating magnetron target).
Power supply parameter