Production line is a set of processes, including all processes from start to finish collectively, the general vacuum coating manufacturers have a great many of vacuum coating production lines, from a variety of different coating equipment as well as the composition of the transmission link. Require coating products are delivered to the production line for processing coatings, after finishing those processes, it will be completed the coating manufacturing procedures.

For vacuum coating equipment production lines, including major steps: pre-treatment process, coating, post-processing. With the coating industry transited to the environmental vacuum coating process, the coating techniques are not a conventional process in low productivity and heavy pollution. The coating manufactures are playing a important role among our customers.

From the process perspective, vacuum coating equipment production line is not possessed of the general assembly line features, but also a strict coordination and rhythm, improving the speed and quality of the coating, reducing labor costs for product coating, providing high-speed, continuous, intelligent automatic platform for coating products.

Dongguan Huicheng Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd. has been specialized in vacuum coating equipment research and development for many years, aiming at improving the quality, reducing cost and providing high efficiency coating equipment for our customers, completing the advanced coating technology. In today's international society, Huicheng vacuum can provide various coating techniques for customers. From the establishment of the project to the implementation of the completion, our customers quickly get benefits from the integration of coating production lines.