In order to improve our employees’ awareness of fire prevention, we take further processes in understanding the fire and other emergencies, as well as coordination in theprocess of dealing with emergencies, Dongguan Huicheng Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. in November 28 that carries out a fire drill.

With the sound of the alarm sounded, every departments quickly get together in our company, this activity is hold by security chief Zheng Zhouxu, aiming at telling our employee for some fire prevention knowledge, like emergency measures, escape routes and fire fighting methods, stressing the importance of preventive measure in daily work and life. We must take fire prevention seriously, try our best to minimum the incidence of fire, and teach employees how to use the fire extinguisher, how to use the fire hose, and the staff personally try to extinguish the fire.

By this fire drill, we can further improve our employees’fire safety awareness, making all employees precaution the fire in later work and value their life.