Vacuum and magnetron sputtering coating machine which work in a vacuum, using an arc discharge and glow discharge working theory. On the metal and non-metal surface that are plated with gold titanium nitride, titanium carbide black, colorful nitrogen dioxide and so on. Also plated anti-corrosion film (eg AL, Cr stainless steel and TiN) and wear-resistant film, the film is firmly bonded to the substrate, be coated using a sputtering process, can improve film adhesion, reproducibility, density, uniformity and so on. It is suitable for plastic products, ceramics, resin, crystal glass products, handicrafts, plastic phone case, electronic products, building materials and other industries, with a good prospective development.

1. Vacuum coating equipment in gray and black film

(1) Vacuum rate of less than 0.67Pa. It should be raised the degree of vacuum to 0.13-0.4Pa;

(2) The argon purity of less than 99.9%. It should be replaced with a purity of 99.99% argon;

(3) Inflation system leakage, the pneumatic system should be checked to exclude leakage phenomenon;

(4) The primer paint is not fully cured, it should be extended curing time;

(5) The plating gassing too much, it should be dried and sealing treatment.

2. Vacuum coating equipment film with dimmer luster surface  

(1) Bad or deteriorated paint curing, it should be extended or replaced paint curing time;

(2) Long sputtering time, it should be shortened;

(3) Fast sputtering deposition rate, it should be appropriately reduced the sputtering current or voltage.

3. Vacuum coating equipment with uneven color film

(1) Uneven paint spraying, the primer application methods should be improved;

(2) Thinner layer, it should increase the sputtering speed or extende the sputtering time;

(3) Unreasonable fixture design, it should be improved;

(4) Complex geometry coating parts, it should increase the rotational speed of the plating member.

4. Vacuum coating equipment in film wrinkling and cracking phenomenon

(1) Thicker primer spraying, it should be controlled within the range of 7-lOtan thickness;

(2) High coating viscosity, it should be appropriately reduced;

(3) Fast evaporating speed, it should be appropriately slowed down;

(4) Thick film, it should be appropriately shorten the construction time;

(5) High plating temperature, it should be shorten the heating time of the plating products.

Vacuum coating equipment film on water stains, fingerprints and dust particles surface

(1) Not sufficiently dry cleaning, it should be strengthened before plating process;

(2) Coating surface splashed with water droplets or saliva,  the operator should wear masks ;

(3) Priming paint in fingerprints surface, it should be forbidden to touch the plating surface;

(4) Coating with particulate matter, Paint or replace the paint it should be filtered and replaced the paints;

(5) Failure electrostatic dust or precipitous spraying and curing environment, it should replace the filter and keep clean working environment.