PVD vacuum coating equipment as the name suggests is to achieve substrate by PVD coating technology machines use a vacuum environment, Dongguan Huicheng a manufacturing vacuum PVD vacuum coating equipment manufacturers, equipment has the following advantages: (1) with excellent adhesion. 2 high oxidation resistance, high hardness, high wear resistance. 3 is generated in large quantities. 4 does not limit the shape and size. 5 others on request. 

PVD equipment considerations: First, boot first check the flow of water to determine the cooling towers, vacuum pump is working properly, check the gas line is smooth, determine the compressor is working properly. Second, to determine the membrane material in the vacuum chamber, the ion source filament, the workpiece holder is placed as required. Third, after the process is completed to close the electron gun and ion sources, such as switches, to be vacuum coating equipment cooling disappears before turning off the power. Four, can not shop without permission electrical cabinets, vacuum chamber PSD. 

Arrangement PVD coating body determines the overall structure of the PVD coating. Intake and exhaust ports horizontal vertical structure set PVD coating, PVD coating assembly and connecting pipes are more convenient. However, a higher center of gravity PVD coating, PVD coating poor stability at high speeds, so this type are used for small PVD coating. Sometimes in order to facilitate the installation and connection pipe vacuum system can be PVD coating vent pick out from the horizontal direction, that the intake and exhaust direction is perpendicular to each other. 

PVD coating can vent openings from the left or the right in both directions, PVD coating in addition to the exhaust pipe connected to one end, the other end of the bypass valve blocked or access. This PVD coating structure low center of gravity, good stability at high speeds. Generally large and medium-sized multi-use this structure PVD coating. PVD coating perpendicular to the horizontal axis of the two rotors installed. 

PVD coating drive shaft coupling and motor coupling through. PVD coating has the following two main structural arrangement on the drive: one is the motor and gear on the same side of the rotor as shown. PVD coating rotor driven directly by the motor side gear drive transmission in the past, such a small rotor shaft torsional deformation of the initiative, the gap between the two rotors will not reverse the drive shaft of the large deformation and change, PVD coating it makes between the rotor the gap is even during operation. 

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