HCVAC has a legal and ethical obligation to its suppliers, employees and other stakeholders to ensure its purchasing practices and standards place a high priority on safety and are environmentally sound, efficient and well managed. 

We work with our suppliers to ensure they understand and adhere to our needs and business standards, whilst appreciating the diversity of business cultures around the world. This is a complex task often requiring a good deal of local judgement and flexibility.
However, wherever we operate, we expect certain universal and minimum standards of business conduct from suppliers, employees and other stakeholders. 

All HCVAC'S staff who make commitments to suppliers are tasked with obtaining and retaining the most competitive products and services available. However, managing purchasing and efficient supply is not just about getting the best value for money. It is also about making sure the products and services are obtained from sources that respect our safety, health, environment, product stewardship, product quality, social, legal and ethical standards together with our sustainability requirements.

HCVAC companies around the world are committed to operating to the highest legal, ethical and corporate responsibility standards. Adhering to our ethical purchasing policy and code of conduct is a prerequisite to doing business with HCVAC.