Our Commitment

We will be the environmental leader in the field of vacuum pumping and abatement by applying technology, products and services to benefit the environment for future generations.

Edwards is committed to excellence in the management of the environment and there is no higher priority for us.


  • Over our product’s life-cycle we are Green House Gas or Carbon equivalent negative, in other words our abatement products destroy compounds that have a very high global warming potential
  • Our technologies enable the manufacturing of a wide range of environmental products - vacuum is essential for the production of solar cells and solid state lighting.
  • When our products need replacing we offer ways to refurbish them for reuse – we already refurbish 35,000 of them each year.  At the end of their life cycle, our vacuum products are disassembled so that their primary materials are recycled keeping them out of landfills
  • We’re also investing in new facilities that meet or exceed environmental norms and changing the ways we work.

Our Policy

We are committed to constantly improving our environmental systems and our performance.

  • Climate change 
    • Reduce our products’ energy consumption
    • Working to SEMI, ITRS & S23 guidelines*
    • Reduce our emissions
    • Reduce our customers’ emissions
  • Resource Conservation 
    • Reduce/Reuse/Recycle
    • Reduce hazardous content of our products
    • Remanufacturing & Service

View our Environment Health and Safety Policy Statement

 * SEMI = Semiconductor Equipment & Materials International.
ITRS = International Technology Road-map for Semiconductors
S23 = Guide for conservation of energy, utilities and materials used by semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Our Goals

To support these aims, we have published a set of Green Goals covering our plans to reduce the impact of our operations of our products.

We will ….

  • Reduce our customers’ carbon footprints through the use of our products - by providing equipment to abate our customers’ emissions and introducing high efficiency vacuum and abatement products.
  • Reduce the carbon intensity of our operations.
  • Reduce waste - from our facilities, eliminating all waste to landfill - and by enabling the reuse of our products through service and remanufacture.
  • Reduce water usage at our facilities.
  • Maintain ISO14001 compliance at all major facilities, and introduce a global environmental management system for the business.