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Power Supply
  • The dual cathode system is designed to improve the accuracy by using the variable waveform.
  • Excitation energy to ensure the coatings with high density plasma, the high power pulsed magnetron sputtering (HIPIMS)power can help you obtain good coating results.
  • Every magnetron sputtering process can be supported by bias power supply: Bias TruPlasma 3000 / 4000 bias power series is a wide range of applications, advanced DC bias power supply. Whether for in materials processing, dry moment and bias of the film dep
  • Hard coating with excellent performance by vacuum arc ion plating, obtained by vacuum arc ion plating.
  • For the micro process to macro products, the RF power series can make the processing technology with high stability, so it is often used in the production of micro components. The series power will help you succeed when the power supply scheme cannot be e
  • MF power supply, this device can ensure our professinal products with large coating area and high sputtering rate. Comparing with DC power supply in series, it has higher stability; and relating to the high frequency power supply, solutions are more econo
  • Plasma excitation in the field of masterpiece, plasma excitation technology becomes the primary economic process. The plasma excited DC power series can be used for the single cathode system, the dual cathode system, and the magnetization treatment of the