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Construction and operation of equipment and coating design as well as production services

Dongguan Huicheng Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd, in addition to provide you with our vacuum coating equipment, but also provides a comprehensive range of service packages and a wide range of technical services. With these sophisticated technical services, you will be able to successfully use your high -quality coating technology and benefit from it. Provide you with accurate, excellent service is our company philosophy is extremely important part.

Dongguan Huicheng Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd service sector consists of many different expertise with staff, service engineers and technicians, logistics specialists, consultants and customers constitute our own vehicle, you - our valued customers, in any case, anywhere in the world to provide solutions and technical support for your device.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to provide service according to your request ! Aftermarket Service Tel :0769 -85611172

Finish your order under control

In the production of vacuum coating equipment customer orders , in order to avoid the customer's production to a halt, to comply with the delivery deadline is absolutely necessary. Our logistics and distribution services allows us to satisfy the requirements of each delivery date.

Technical advice on equipment and technology

Our technical support staff at your disposal to provide production equipment and technology -related consulting services for . Our experienced service engineers will conduct intensive training in the operation of vacuum coating machine for your staff, and equipment to provide regular maintenance services. Although our equipment and technology to ensure that the vacuum coating machine durable, but if you need a replacement part, will ensure that our logistics services in the shortest possible time will you need parts delivered to your hands.

We prospectively serves to improve your competitive advantage

We might even before potential problems arise , by taking prospective services to achieve barrier-free production for you to clear the way. Because we are always trying to understand each customer's needs, and actively help them become a reality, in order to be able to problems quickly find a solution.

Improve your productivity and economic efficiency is our goal

Our customer advisers will be willing to answer any further questions about the technical service so you can successfully produce your high quality coating.