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Special Coating Equipment
  • Main function of this machine including high voltage ion bombard, coat aluminum film and hard SiOx protective film at one time inside the vacuum chamber. Hard SiO protective film imporves the capability of anti- nitriding and keeps the high reflective rat
  • Huicheng vacuum coating equipment for metal mirrors and decorative coating solutions for the automotive suppliers, ensure high quality auto parts and the highest efficiency of production cost control.
  • Zn-Mg alloy coated steel sheet with excellent corrosion resistance, adhesion and processing of magnesium alloy plate, galvanized the equipment production compared to galvanized steel ordinary, anti-corrosion performance is improved by 23 times.
  • The antiglare coating technology in the glass coating without reflection transparent film, can inhibit the light reflection of up to 99%.
  • The device is applicable to arbitrary color plastic, ceramic, resin crafts, glass by vacuum coating after plating gold, silver, is colorful, red, purple, blue, grey, black and other colors, mainly used for scientific research, teaching, electronic compone
  • This vacuum coating machine is special for mobile, laptops, telephone, DVD and other plastic shells of electronic products to get a EMI shielding film. It's using plasma treatment technique, vacuum evaporation and magnetron sputtering technique together,
  • Features: high precision, fast responses, and compatibility good control, support the improvement of function and professional technology
  • The device using pulsed laser deposition (PLD) thin film deposition techniques, by means of pulsed laser rapid evaporation of the target, the generation and target composition film of the same. Through the continuous melting of mixed target, the productio
  • HCVAC Vacuum Technology Co.,Ltd, has been designed and produced various of ultra-vacuum coating equipments for college teaching and scientific research and development, viewing at different components of the film growth.
  • Super capacitor device and lithium batteries by vacuum drying production line is designed for drying heat sensitive, easy to decompose and easily oxidized materials and design, widely by in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industr