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PVD stainless steel color plate

The color of PVD stainless steel color plate includes:

Brushing effect: hairline board, hairline copper color, hairline brass color, hairline gold color, hairline smoke gray, hair color brown, fingerprint resistant hairline, fingerprint resistant hairline black, fingerprint resistant hairline bronze, anti-fingerprint Hairline etching, etc.

Forging effect: random hairline, rose gold hairline, silver hair hairline, etc.

Mirror effect: mirror copper, mirror brass, mirror rose gold, mirror gold, mirror black, mirror bronze, mirror purple, mirror blue, mirror wine red, mirror champagne gold, 8K mirror panel, mirror etching, mirror etching copper Color, mirror-etched brass color, mirror-etched rose gold, mirror-etched gold, etc.

Sandblasting effect: sandblasting board, sandblasting black, etc.

Harmony effect: Harmony plate, Harmony copper color, etc.

Three-dimensional effect: three-dimensional board, golden 3D, etc.