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Magnetron sputtering PVD coating machine for solar glass sputtering


       Magnetron sputtering PVD coating machine for solar glass collector tube includes vacuum container, rotating frame system, magnetron sputtering target, vacuum acquisition system and power supply, electric control and vacuum measurement, etc. The vacuum container is a working room for coating the glass tube. The PVD coating machine magnetron sputtering target, rotating frame system, vacuum measurement and gas distribution system are all closely connected with the vacuum container. The magnetron sputtering target of the PVD coating machine is placed in the center of the bottom of the vacuum container. The target is surrounded by a rotating rack system that fixes the glass tube. 30 glass tubes with a diameter of 58mm can be placed at a time. The rotating rack system is installed around the inner wall of the container. The gas-filling pipeline with the gas distribution system is carefully designed and configured to ensure the uniform distribution of the atmosphere in the entire container; the rear side of the vacuum chamber container is the suction port connected with the vacuum suction system.

PVD coating machine

       The inner cavity size of the vacuum container of the PVD coating machine is φ900mm X 2500(h)mm, which can be used to coat various glass tubes with a length of 1500~2000mm. It is a vertical front opening door. There are 3 observation windows on the door. Watch the whole process of coating.
       The air extraction system of the PVD coating machine adopts a vacuum unit with KT-600 oil diffusion pump as the main pump, including K-600 oil diffusion pump, Roots pump with a pumping speed of 300L/s, 2x70 roughing pump and 2 x 30 to maintain the pump and related valves and pipes, its ultimate vacuum can reach 5 X 10-4Pa. The container can be pumped from the atmosphere to a background vacuum of 6.67 X10-3Pa within 25 minutes.
       The structure of the magnetron sputtering target of the PVD coating machine adopts the cathode structure of the permanent magnet coaxial cylindrical target, the length of the target is 2000mm, the inner diameter is 60mm, the outer diameter is 70mm, and the target material is aluminum. Electromagnetic steel adopts strip-shaped neodymium iron boron, and the target core can be rotated 360o in all directions to ensure uniform etching of the target surface, and the utilization rate of the target material can reach more than 80%. The target tube is connected with the target body with threads, which is convenient for installation and disassembly.
       The rotating frame is fixed to the motor and reducer on the back side of the coating chamber frame, and the rotating torque is transmitted to a rotating shaft directly leading to the inside of the vacuum container through belt drive, and the revolution of the rotating frame is realized by the rotation of the main turntable.