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The future development trend of the latest surface treatment technology of vacuum coating machine



       The new surface functional coating technology of pvd coating machine is characterized by maintaining the inherent characteristics of the base material and giving various properties required for surfaceization, so as to comply with the special requirements of various technologies and service environments on materials, so it is a manufacturing and material The most active technical field of the subject is also an interdisciplinary subject involving surface treatment and coating technology. Its biggest advantage is that it can prepare a thin surface layer with excellent performance that is difficult or even impossible to obtain from the base material with very little material and energy consumption, so as to obtain the greatest economic benefit. It is a high-quality and efficient surface modification and coating. technology.

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       High-quality, high-efficiency surface modification and coating technology has a wide range: such as thermochemical surface technology; physical vapor deposition; chemical vapor deposition; paraffin vapor deposition technology; high-energy plasma surface coating technology; diamond film coating ; Multi-layer multi-layer composite coating technology; surface modification and coating performance prediction and tailoring technology; performance testing and life evaluation, etc. The new low-temperature chemical vapor deposition technology introduces plasma enhancement technology to reduce the temperature to below 600 degrees to obtain a new hard wear-resistant coating process. The high-strength, high-performance coating process produced is suitable for high-speed, heavy-duty, It has its special role in difficult-to-process areas. The ultra-deep port catfish surface modification technology can be applied to most heat-treated parts and surface treatment parts, and can replace high-frequency quenching, carbonitriding, ion nitriding and other processes to obtain a deeper layer and higher wear resistance , The life span of the product increases dramatically, which can produce breakthrough functional changes.

       With the development of basic industries and high-tech products, the demand for high-quality, high-efficiency surface modification and coating technology is extending in depth. In the context of mutual promotion of this field and related disciplines, such as "thermochemical surface modification" "High-energy plasma surface coating", "Diamond thin film coating technology" and "Surface modification and coating process simulation and performance prediction" have all made breakthroughs. Dongguan Huicheng Vacuum is committed to the development and production of pvd coating machines, specializing in the manufacture of various vacuum coating equipment, providing customers with customized process solutions and coating equipment, professional training guidance and technical operations, is a collection of research and development, production and sales In one national high-tech enterprise.