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Main features of strip steel coating on winding vacuum coating machine



       The winding vacuum coating machine uses surface technology to develop new strip steel materials, mainly relying on technological innovation. Surface technology will be the focus of future steel enterprise product innovation and the future competitiveness of enterprises. The development of a new generation of continuous strip steel coating technology and products will be the best way to respond to market demand and improve the competitiveness of enterprises. The industrialization of new surface technologies and products may have a revolutionary impact on the production processes of steel companies and upstream and downstream industries.

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        The contradiction between market demand and the limitations of existing processes is difficult to achieve through the optimization and transformation of traditional production lines. Increasingly stringent environmental protection standards also require steel companies to find new environmentally friendly surface treatment and coating technologies. In this regard, the current steel industry Professionals generally believe that the most promising and characteristic technology research and development direction is the strip steel coating technology of the coiled vacuum coating machine. The vacuum coating of the winding vacuum coating machine (including physical vapor deposition and chemical vapor deposition, etc.) is to convert the material to be plated into a gaseous state by various means to form a thin film coating on the surface of the steel strip. In theory, all metals, non-metals, and organics can form coatings in this way. This technology can be optimized to form a multi-process, highly flexible composite coating process to meet various performance requirements.

Compared with traditional electrolytic plating and hot-dip plating, the main features of coiled vacuum coating machine strip steel coating vacuum coating are:
      (1) The film forming temperature is low. The temperature of hot-dip galvanizing in the iron and steel industry is generally 400℃~500℃, and the temperature of chemical coating is even more than 1000℃. Such a high temperature can easily cause deformation and deterioration of the parts to be plated, while the temperature of vacuum coating is low and can be reduced to room temperature, avoiding the disadvantages of conventional coating processes.
      (2) The choice of evaporation source is free. There are many coating materials to choose from without being limited by the melting point of the material, and a wide variety of metal nitride films, metal oxide films, metal carbides and various composite films can be plated.
      (3) Do not use harmful gases and liquids, and have no adverse effects on the environment. This is extremely valuable under the current trend of increasing emphasis on environmental protection.
      (4) The quality of strip steel coating is good. A uniform, smooth and extremely thin coating can be obtained, with high purity, good corrosion resistance and adhesion. There are no problems such as missing plating points, zinc waves, and spangles in hot-dip galvanizing.
      (5) The process is flexible and it is convenient to change the variety. It can be plated on single side, double side, single layer, multi-layer and mixed layer. The coating thickness is easy to control.
       In short, the coiled vacuum coating machine strip coating is a high-tech that integrates metallurgy, vacuum, chemistry, physics and other disciplines. Its products have high added value, not only the strength and cheapness of strip steel, but also after coating. The advantages of multi-function, multi-variety, and high-quality are the research and development direction of new strip steel materials with great potential.